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Expert Systems in Agriculture
Agricultural production has evolved into a complex business requiring the accumulation and integration of knowledge and information from many diverse sources. In order to remain competitive, the modern farmer often relies on agricultural specialists and advisors to provide information for decision making. Unfortunately, agricultural specialist assistance is not always available when the farmer needs it. In order to alleviate this problem, expert systems were identified as a powerful tool with extensive potential in agriculture.
What is an Expert System?
An Expert System (ES), also called a Knowledge Based System (KBS), is a computer program designed to simulate the problem-solving behavior of an expert in a narrow do main or discipline. In agriculture, expert systems unite the accumulated expertise of individual disciplines, e.g., plantpathology, entomology, horticulture and agricultural meteorology, into a framework that best addresses the specific ,on-site needs of farmers. Expert systems combine the experimental and experiential knowledge with the intuitive reasoning skills of a multitude of specialists to aid farmers in making the best decisions for their crops.

Expert Systems Implemented at CLAES
  • Cuptex: An Expert System for Cucumber Crop Production
  • Citex: An Expert System for Orange Production
  • Neper Wheat: An Expert System for Irrigated Wheat Managment
  • Tomatex: An Expert System for Tomatoes
  • Limex: A Multimedia Expert System for Lime Production

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