Head of the Knowledge Engineering and Expert System Building Tools Department

About me

I have obtained my  Ph.D. from the   University of Southampton   IAM (Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia) research  group under the  supervision of  Prof. Wendy  Hall.  From Oct. 97, to April 2001, I was also  working at IAM   as a full time research assistant and  was involved in two EPSRC funded projects the latest of which was QuIC (Queries in context).  I received my B.Sc.  in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo in 1993, and my MSc from the same University in 1997.

Before going to Southampton,  I worked for three years as a full time research assistant at the Central Lab for Agricultural Expert Systems (CLAES) to which I've returned upon completion of my degree.  


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Samhaa El Beltagy:samhaa@mail.claes.sci.eg
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