Department Of Knowledge Engineering and Expert System Building Tools

This department conducts studies and performs research in the areas of knowledge elicitaion in different agricultural fields. It is also responsible for developing new methodologies, automating these methodologies, and developing tools for building expert systems. User interface development and Arabic language processing are also among the activities of this department.

The Department is divided into a research unit of Knowledge Methodologies and a research unit of Expert system Building tools and User Interfaces .

1. Research unit of knowledge Methodologies

This unit is responsible for developing and maintaining knowledge engineering methodologies, including: knowledge acquisition techniques, knowledge modeling, verification and validation, knowledge base maintenance, and automation of methodologies.

2. Research Unit of Expert system Building tools and User Interfaces

The refinement of expert systems building tools which facilitate the development and the dissemination of agricultual expert systems, is this unit's primary responsibility. In addition, the unit conducts research for the development of better user interfaces that would incorporate graphics, images, sound, video, and other media.

The unit has recently developed a Netscape plugin for SICStus Prolog as a first step towards making the expert systems developed at CLAES available on the Internet.

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